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Uncompromising Quality

We constantly pursue Quality and we always offer the best Quality standards to all our customers. That’s why every year our Company gets IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Robust Design

Meticulous attention to details, best materials choice, use of simulation softwares, long life cycles products and mastery in managing the most advanced technologies. These are the elements behind our developments and the basis for our Quality products.

We continuously get up to date with new and most recent technologies, components and materials, being able to propose ever new solutions to our customers.

Reliable Processes

All our products are manufactured with continuously monitored processes, makng use of mistake proof systems, selective cameras, dimensional sensors, QR code for single component traceability and 100% end of line automated tests. 

Our team is made of experienced and trained people who apply WCM tools and methods, while our process engineers always look for the most advanced production machines so to adopt the latest solutions available on the market.

In house Testing

Nothing is better than having the possibility to perform tests during development or manufacturing phases. And we have 2 internal laboratories (for environmental and for EMC tests) supporting our engineers work. Quick, affordable and always ready.

A must have to aim for excellence.